Posted in March 2012

Kony is the new Komen

Kony is the new Komen

In today’s age of 140-character message limits and ever-shortening attention spans,  a 30-minute video that manages to go viral cannot be ignored. There is something in that video worth paying attention to. And my suspicion is there are many things about the video that are contributing to its attention-grabbing success. The nearly overnight sensation of … Continue reading

Wikipedia & Politics

Two more sources for today… First, you can’t talk about internet collaboration without understanding and theorizing about the success of wikis. This scholarly article looks at just that: “Wiki: A technology for conversational knowledge management and group collaboration” And in light of today’s announcement about Putin’s supposed win in Russia, this article from The Cutting … Continue reading

Sources to keep up with

Perhaps this would be a good place to list other relevant research collection points. I’m finding a bunch of new sites I’d never spent much time on before: Trendspotting Gizmodo Berkman Center for Internet & Society SEOmoz Blog      

Komen and communities

“What Susan G Komen doesn’t understand about communities and you should,” is an informative article from SEOmoz connecting online communities and how they interact to the Susan G. Komen funding situation. It will inform the case-study portion of my research. It describes some ways communities are vastly different from those that existed in the pre-internet … Continue reading