Posted in February 2012

Final thoughts on Carr

We’ve finished the book “The Shallows” and I wanted to reflect once more on what I’m walking away from it thinking about. First of all, I’ve solidified a common theme amidst the books I’ve read in this Interactive Media program. When it comes to new technologies and how they shape society, people theorize endlessly about … Continue reading

In which Clay Shirky does the work for me

I thought a good place to start in my research collecting would be with the sites Clay Shirky finds interesting and the research, ideas, etc. he compiles online. One could say Clay Shirky is curating thoughts about society’s collaborative use of the internet. And he’s got quite a few resources for me. Thanks, Mr. Shirky. … Continue reading

Internet security and governance

As the article “Consent of the Networked” demonstrates, the issue of digital governance is, importantly, surfacing with more recent regularity in public discussion. Perhaps people are finally paying attention because in the past year we’ve  been aware of international governments blatantly disregarding what democracies consider acceptable rules of internet censorship and surveillance. That is to say, … Continue reading