Trying to grasp AS3 in Flash 5.5

Today I decided to freshen up on the basics of Flash ActionScript. While I do feel like I understand the program more these days (certainly more than I did before I began this Masters program), I have been able to get by without understanding a whole lot about ActionScript 3.0 itself.

I Googled something along those lines and found my way to the Adobe help pages. I am going to make a collection here of a few pages I think will be helpful for me in the future.

I found this list of links to pages that direct users in how to customize components of AS very helpful:

This page is one that seems to have all the basics for understanding how audio can be incorporated in a Flash project using AS3:

This isn’t only related to AS3, but has some helpful tutorials where you can download files:

And here’s a link that could be crucial to my understanding taking a step forward. It’s a description of variables and their uses and scope:

That’s the breakdown I need, I think. I feel like I understand a handful of the variables fairly well, but without really grasping the others my understanding is suspect at best. Once I know the range of things variables are capable of, I can move onto the section of that site that explains syntax and default value. With the holes in my fundamental understand of AS3 filled in, my hope is that I will be able to transfer a working knowledge of code in Flash to work to my benefit in things like HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and those things still on the horizon.

Maybe in my next blog I will have some reflections on getting to know that last site better.


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