Jobs in tech

I’ve never really considered myself someone who would work in tech. However, in order to do the things I do want to do (PR) I need to have a basic understanding of the Internet. That is what this program is all about, I suppose.

According to this article I found, open-source software knowledge is an excellent skill to have. It said that it was predicted that:

80 per cent of all commercial applications would incorporate open-source software by 2012.

–and suggested we’ve actually surpassed that. The article also notes the effect of these skills on one’s salary:

A variety of studies consistently demonstrate open-source savvy developers and IT professionals commanding higher salaries, something that seems not to have changed much even as open source has gone mainstream.

Here’s another article that suggests User Experience Design jobs will be in demand:

User Experience Design, jQuery, HTML5, etc. are all relatively new concepts and somewhat difficult to grasp, but the beauty is that most people are in the same boat as far as that is concerned. So, the indication is that if you can keep up with them, you are putting yourself in a good position.


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