Posted in November 2011

Jobs in tech

I’ve never really considered myself someone who would work in tech. However, in order to do the things I do want to do (PR) I need to have a basic understanding of the Internet. That is what this program is all about, I suppose. According to this article I found, open-source software knowledge is an … Continue reading

Trying to grasp AS3 in Flash 5.5

Trying to grasp AS3 in Flash 5.5

Today I decided to freshen up on the basics of Flash ActionScript. While I do feel like I understand the program more these days (certainly more than I did before I began this Masters program), I have been able to get by without understanding a whole lot about ActionScript 3.0 itself. I Googled something along … Continue reading

My reality has been augmented.

Thanks to Jessica Torrez-Riley’s posted files, iMedia had somewhat of a group effort toward individual success in creating an augmented reality. I’ve documented the drama of my own AR via screencapture. The footage is riveting. Check it out: I realized pretty quickly in life that I’m a weirdo for really loving snow and winter and … Continue reading

Producing media with face-recognition

Interactive media has become a sci-fi movie. Or, that is the premise of this NYTimes article, “Face recognition makes the leap from sci-fi.” It discusses the uses and implications of face recognition software. What’s interesting about it as far as media production goes, is that it isn’t exclusive to one medium. It can be incorporated … Continue reading

Virtual ethics, PTSD and Bubbe

When I think too much about it, the virtual world becomes an indecipherable realm for semi-interactions, that merges in a very real way with my life. But at the same time it is so separate from real life that I convince myself it can’t be more than a tool—a way of making limitless connections, but … Continue reading

Virtual Worlds and Ethics – Week 11

What do the authors mean when they say they don’t want the outcome of exploring this idea of virtual learning, conceptual blending and the networked imagination, etc. to be framed as “how does it translate to the ‘real’ world”? What significance do any of these readings maintain after the digital divide is taken into account? … Continue reading

Choice, politics, and the legalization of weed

(Here are the questions I posed this week.) Steve Berke caught my attention this week and nicely supplemented the social/political discussions we’ve been having. I just read right now that the comedian, running for Miami mayor on behalf of what he dubbed the After Party, failed to secure many votes. The current mayor kept her … Continue reading