Debugging Flash

In an effort to make these blog posts assist me with current issues I’m having in my projects, I thought I’d browse the Adobe help center pages for Flash. See if I could find some light reading.

One of the first things I found was a guide to understanding Flash debugging. I thought, hey, that’s something I could use. (Although, probably 98 percent of the articles there would give me the same reaction.)

Here was the portion I found the most helpful.

  • Identify the issue (what is it?).
  • Find the source of the issue (where is it?).
  • Look up related documentation and define options for solutions.
  • Rebuild the problem area in a separate file if needed.
  • Apply the solution and test the work (use Test Movie and the bandwidth profiler).
  • Tip: I find that it’s faster to solve problems in a fresh file than it is to struggle with details in a fully developed project. Once you define a problem, get a sample to work in a separate file and then integrate the working solution back into your project.

And then basically all the rest was beyond my level. Ha. Oh, I also learned that Flash has it’s own debugging function. I tested that out and think it helped me isolate some of the roots of the issues I was having. (It keeps telling me to embed fonts, but I thought I had embedded all the ones I used. Now I think I know where to look.)

So hopefully, as I better understand the kinds of errors I’m getting, I will begin to feel like less of a novice.


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