New journalism – Week 10

  • Goode wrote, “…just as communications scholars are familiar with the ways in which the separation of ‘news’ and ‘op-ed’ in print journalism contributes to an ideology of objectivity. So, too, it is important to explore the role that software code plays in shaping meanings, messages and worldviews.” How can we do that?
  • If the Internet has made the news more democratic, why do the loudest, most-talked about sources still seem to be one-thought dominated extremists? Is it possible that if the news has become a database, and there is such availability of information we can all find a story to support our stances? Is this still democratic?
  • What potential does the interactivity of the Internet hold for future campaigns? So far I’m not seeing much use for the 2012 elections—how could this change?

One thought on “New journalism – Week 10

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