An attempt: Rotating globe

For this blog, I decided to attempt to follow a tutorial for making a rotating globe. It’s taken from the book “How to Cheat in Flash” by Chris Georgenes. This seems to be the only book about Flash that I can begin to understand and I think it has something to do with the glossy pages and full color step by step instructions. Plus it ignores the basics, because as Georgenes points out, you can get those through the help section that comes with Adobe Flash. Good point, Georgenes (not that I’ve done a good job of taking advantage of that).

So, unfortunately, I haven’t yet succeeded, but I got pretty close. I thought maybe if I talked it through with myself on here, I could have some sort of Eureka moment and realize what I’ve been doing wrong.

I think part of the issue is that my brain isn’t wrapped securely enough around the mask concept. The layer that you put inside the mask layer shows up on the mask. Nothing else does. Well, maybe I do understand that after all.

So, here’s where I am. I’ve got the globe spinning. But there’s a hesitation at the end before the movieclip begins to play again.

You can see in the screenshot on the right, there’s an uncomfortable gap between Asia and North America.

The thing is that my instructions say I should create another mask layer to have another movieclip. From what I did, that just seems to extend the problem. I’m definitely missing something.

The map just appears halfway through when the loop restarts, so I need to somehow get the last frame and the first frame to be at exactly the same spot? But I’m struggling with which map to copy where…? Clearly the way I think is not (yet) wired for Flash.

I’ve messed with it a lot and I feel like I’m getting closer…tune in next time?

20 mins later:

Okay, I did it. I’m not sure if I fully understand, but I learned once again that if I isolate one problem at a time, I eventually work my way to a solution. In this case, I did as I suggested up there, copied the first frame into the last and then messed around with everything in between until they flowed seemingly seamlessly. Now I need to figure out how to make it stop with a hover or put a button in one of them! Woo!


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