Nonprofits and Flash

I don’t know a lot of grassroots nonprofits that have the staff or monetary power to incorporate Flash into their Web sites. I thought I’d take a look at some tips for nonprofits making use of Flash as well as browsing some of the larger nonprofits that are able to use it.

The first thing I noticed is that most of the sites with Flash take awhile to load. But I found that the anticipation of what interactive elements were sure to come largely distracted me from this.

However, there’s a limit to that effect.

This site  for example, held my attention despite the load time. I found it to be straightforward, simple but still included a significant wow factor. I even know how to do a lot of the techniques they incorporated! It seemed successful to me. But then through the same collection of sites, I found one about drug use that looks like it would have taken a lot of time and energy, but is so involved that I quickly bored of waiting for each section to load.

I found also that flash Mint offers some templates but every site I saw referring to them was poorly written and maintained which suggests to me that someone is just looking to make a sale through blog advertisements. This one seemed the least suspect.

It looks like there could be some potential in using a template for a Flash site if you’re a nonprofit low on resources (as all nonprofits are), but after the brief browsing I did, I would still lean toward creating my own Flash content even though it would keep thing simpler. After all, as I pointed out at the beginning that might turn out to be an asset.


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