Week 7 – Lawrence Lessig

  • Lessig points out what he sees as a significant shift in the function of the Internet. I think I buy his argument, but it was amazing to see how much has changed since he wrote CodeV2 in 2006. Do these changes affect his argument? Who’s to say change won’t keep happening and how will that affect regulation attempts?
  • How is the current, perhaps more regulable, Internet being shaped/affected by the fact that those writing code (therefore in control according to Lessig’s theory) long assumed the Internet to be a place of anonymity? (I think a lot of my generation are having trouble shifting to the idea that we’re leaving our mark on everything because for as long as we’ve known the Internet we could use it anonymously…)
  • I know that Lessig is absolutely addressing this issue himself (as seen through the Communist Europe comparison) but, I’d like to see it pushed out further: If the tools are in place for this regulation, but are the same tools that can be used for corruption, won’t the government then be more likely to act corruptly?

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