Week 6 – Lanier, Star Wars


  • Lanier points out that without a human a computer is just a silicone box humming with electricity (or something to that effect). His emphasis seems to be on the role humans play in artificial intelligence (if he would even use that term). It reminds me of Shirky’s theory that it’s not changes in technology that matter, it’s changes in human behavior. These are two different ideas, but I think they have similar components at their root. Where is the overlap? What can a comparison of the two theories of human actors as they relate to technology offer?
  • I’m interested in the way Lanier frames his ideas here and there in a bit of spirituality. Is there a social/spiritual theoretical framework that can be defined within his technological theories? What would it look like?
  • (Star Wars) Is/How is the increase of the “entertainment supersystem” or intertextual references significantly (or at its core) different than the same phenomena that has been happening in the world of literature for hundreds of years? How does it compare? What makes it different?

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