Posted in October 2011

Debugging Flash

In an effort to make these blog posts assist me with current issues I’m having in my projects, I thought I’d browse the Adobe help center pages for Flash. See if I could find some light reading. One of the first things I found was a guide to understanding Flash debugging. I thought, hey, that’s … Continue reading

New journalism – Week 10

Goode wrote, “…just as communications scholars are familiar with the ways in which the separation of ‘news’ and ‘op-ed’ in print journalism contributes to an ideology of objectivity. So, too, it is important to explore the role that software code plays in shaping meanings, messages and worldviews.” How can we do that? If the Internet … Continue reading

Establishing norms on Facebook

Establishing norms on Facebook

I joined Facebook in it’s infancy. I registered the first day Goshen College was finally allowed aboard at the end of the wave of inclusion (I guess we weren’t really a priority on account of Goshen’s size and obscurity). In those first months (and years) I was unaware of the way I was helping to … Continue reading

Ethics – Week 9 – Reading questions

Boyd brings up an interesting point about what role viewers hold in privacy vs. publicity issues on SNS. Might we hold some responsibility in what we choose to look at? How could norms be reconstructed to make viewer responsibility more hegemonic? If I were a teenager right now, how would I have reacted to the … Continue reading

An attempt: Rotating globe

For this blog, I decided to attempt to follow a tutorial for making a rotating globe. It’s taken from the book “How to Cheat in Flash” by Chris Georgenes. This seems to be the only book about Flash that I can begin to understand and I think it has something to do with the glossy … Continue reading

Nonprofits and Flash

I don’t know a lot of grassroots nonprofits that have the staff or monetary power to incorporate Flash into their Web sites. I thought I’d take a look at some tips for nonprofits making use of Flash as well as browsing some of the larger nonprofits that are able to use it. The first thing … Continue reading

Week 7 – Lawrence Lessig

Lessig points out what he sees as a significant shift in the function of the Internet. I think I buy his argument, but it was amazing to see how much has changed since he wrote CodeV2 in 2006. Do these changes affect his argument? Who’s to say change won’t keep happening and how will that … Continue reading

Week 6 – Lanier, Star Wars

Questions: Lanier points out that without a human a computer is just a silicone box humming with electricity (or something to that effect). His emphasis seems to be on the role humans play in artificial intelligence (if he would even use that term). It reminds me of Shirky’s theory that it’s not changes in technology … Continue reading