Week 5 reading questions


  • I was struck by Benkler’s assertion that the Internet is allowing users to lessen the “hierarchical and constraining aspects” of familial relationships. Is he considering Facebook in his analysis–or was this before that was big? I guess maybe it was…So maybe the question is, will children who grow up with Internet-based relationships exhibit the same shift post-high school, or will the entire lifespan of their relationships with their parents look different because of the Internet?
  • I’m curious whether the stats about watching less TV would still ring true a) today and b) if TV via the net (Hulu, Netflix, Sidereel, etc.) were factored into the equation.
  • How does Skyping compare to face-to-face interaction in regard to human emotion?
  • What is media determinism?
  • I think Shirky’s doing his best to systematically answer this question, but I’m still skeptical at this point, so I’m going to ask it: Are we really “so good” at group work now that these “barriers” have come down? Or are there simply new barriers in place that shift the capabilities of groups?

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