Flash Awards

For this week’s Comm 550 blog I thought I’d take a glance through some 2011 Flash awards. There are some impressive sites. Unfortunately, I think my Flash knowledge is still limited enough that I wouldn’t have the first idea about how to incorporate them in a site I design. But I am starting to recognize basic components the designers involve.

One that grabbed my attention for the longest is a site that won Best in Show: http://mostawesomestthingever.com/. You can see from the URL there that it’s on the subject of Most Awesomest Thing Ever. Can’t go wrong with a site title like that.

When the site loads, two Flash boxes pop up and serve to compare, as far as I can tell, completely random things (e.g. hip bones & Stephen Colbert, Dinosaur Cartoons & Bugs Bunny, diplomatic immunity & Tetris). I could tell that the Flash incorporates a lot of buttons, but I have no idea how it decides to direct you after you hit a certain button. But this is a brilliant idea and could be worth pursuing.

First of all, a person can get sucked into this kind of mindless but entertaining activity for a long, long time. And secondly, it’s something you can easily get others involved with. I wonder what would happen if you were to apply it to say, fundraising. If I’m participating in Bike MS and want my team to raise tons of money, maybe I could simply use it to drive people to my site. Have people vote on jerseys or which team member needs a haircut.

Well, that idea needs some work. But the point is, while the site was designed purely for fun, the Flash appears to have immense potential for functional application. (Also note the “copyright info” buttons–nice legal touch.)


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