“Reality is Broken” – pp. 1-76

Amazingly, most of the questions I initially wrote down as I read “Reality is Broken” were eventually addressed by the author, Jane McGonigal. Maybe the same will happen with the three I’ve come up with:

1. Is this solution feasible resource-wise (environmentally, cost-effectively)? Do/Can enough people have access to the softwares and equipment gaming-for-good might require?

2. Along the same lines, is what McGonigal is suggesting–that real work needs to change or people will seek games to fulfill a human need to be productive–widely solvable through games? In other words, can games-for-good have a large enough scale appeal that society’s thinking can shift? Or will this effect only a small portion who choose to pay attention?

3. And finally, I’d like other people’s thoughts on whether this is really the large-scale difference-maker that McGonigal is portraying, or if she is simply using hyperbole to entice a nation to pay attention to gaming for good?


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