Posted in September 2011

Week 5 reading questions

Questions… I was struck by Benkler’s assertion that the Internet is allowing users to lessen the “hierarchical and constraining aspects” of familial relationships. Is he considering Facebook in his analysis–or was this before that was big? I guess maybe it was…So maybe the question is, will children who grow up with Internet-based relationships exhibit the … Continue reading

The reaches of peer production – Wealth of Networks

I can’t help but synthesize this week’s reading a bit with the user-friendliness cases we’ve been studying for Interactive Media Strategies. After reading Benkler’s introductory development information economics and decentralization, I’m wondering if peer production and its elements can be placed on a kind of continuum with user-centered design. Let me try to break that … Continue reading

Wealth of Network Questions – 1

1.  Wikipedia keeps coming up in these texts. I’d like to know, for every Wikipedia, how many #epicfails are there? Or is it simply that most #epicwins are hyperlocal, so they don’t work as “global” examples? 2. I don’t believe that all people are capable of/willing to take the time to accomplish “disciplined analysis” of … Continue reading

ARGs for Education

I wanted to see if any nonprofits were using alternate reality games (ARGs)–and take a look at whether McGonigal’s proclamations were coming to fruition. After a bit of time with Google, I eventually settled into educational games. This is an area of ARGing I see the most hope for, to be honest. Having attempted to … Continue reading

Discovering the Adobe vs. Apple debate

I was working in communications at The Fuller Center for Housing when the iPad came out. We quickly realized all the Flash elements in our site wouldn’t function on iPhones and iPads. At the time, that included a prominent slideshow with links to current, noteworthy events or stories from the affordable housing nonprofit’s work–probably the … Continue reading

Gaming for good

I want so badly to believe in (and live in) this world that McGonigal is envisioning. It sounds like so much fun. It sounds like I would always have a plethora of friends, everyone would love me for my strengths, and age-old human divisions and labels would fade away. More importantly, everyone on the planet … Continue reading

Flash Awards

For this week’s Comm 550 blog I thought I’d take a glance through some 2011 Flash awards. There are some impressive sites. Unfortunately, I think my Flash knowledge is still limited enough that I wouldn’t have the first idea about how to incorporate them in a site I design. But I am starting to recognize … Continue reading

“Reality is Broken” – pp. 1-76

Amazingly, most of the questions I initially wrote down as I read “Reality is Broken” were eventually addressed by the author, Jane McGonigal. Maybe the same will happen with the three I’ve come up with: 1. Is this solution feasible resource-wise (environmentally, cost-effectively)? Do/Can enough people have access to the softwares and equipment gaming-for-good might … Continue reading